Our Performance

Economy and Governance

The Group intends to efficiently and effectively manage its sustainability in accordance with the good governance principle, laws and regulations concerned, taking into account the potential benefits for the business and shareholders, and treatment of stakeholders.



The Group aims at building a security for the society, community and employees by producing quality raw materials under the environmental standards and keeping the community near the Group’s business premises safe from its operations. Jobs and careers are created to distribute income to the community and the occupational health and safety for employees is observed. And employees’ skills are developed to increase their potential and build quality personnel for a sustained society.



The Group recognizes the importance of environmental care along with the business growth; therefore, the environmental management system under ISO14001:2015 has been adopted as a framework for managing every work procedure. The framework covers sustainable use of resources to protect the environment and ecosystem, the control and prevention of the cause of environmental impacts arising from the Group’s operations, and the continued improvement of environmental performance.


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